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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Next CCP Exam Coming in Spring 2022

CCP Exam Coming On-Line in Spring 2022

Great News!  We are currently in the design stage to put the CCP Exam  on-line and available to everyone 24/7.  This means that instead of having only one or two opportunities per year to take the CCP Exam or attend the CCP Exam  Primer Class, both will available next year on-line 24/7.  Our programmers are currently working on the design of the exam which will be implemented on-line first and then the CCP Exam Primer Class will follow.  Once the programming is completed and the new features are rolled out you will be able to access the CCP Primer Class and/or take the CCP Exam on-line any time, any place, 24/7.  The anticipated launch date for the CCP Exam is Spring, 2022 and the launch date for the CCP Exam Primer Class is Summer, 2022. Watch this website for more information.


Join or Renew Your 2021 Annual Membership Now

You can Join Now or if your are already a member, Annual membership renewal for 2021 must be renewed anytime from October 1 through the first quarter of each calendar year by all members (CCP , Associate and Professional membership categories) and a membership dues are still only $75 for CCP and Associate and $150 for Professional (attorney membership).  Membership Renewal & Dues can be made on-line by clicking on this link Membership Renewal complete the on-line renewal application and completing the security feature “Captcha” before clicking on Submit.  Members who renew on-line but prefer to pay by check may do so by making their check payable to CCPAC, Inc. and mailing to CCPAC, Inc., P. O. Box 600249, Jacksonville, FL 32260.  All Members will receive 5 CCPAC continuing education credits just for renewing their professional membership and paying their annual professional dues. 

Certified Members (CCP) are required to renew membership each calendar year and pay the professional dues of $75 as part of their requirement to maintain their “CCP” certification and status.  Certified Members (CCP) are required to obtain 30 continuing education credits (ce’s) every 3 years in order to maintain their certification. Renewing annual membership and paying dues every year in 3 year increments will provide the Certified Member with 15 of the 30 credits needed.  Up to an additional 15 credits can be earned by taking transportation related courses either on-line or in person, attending regional and national claims or transportation related events, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. such as those sponsored by the Transportation & Logistics Council, Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association, Transportation Intermediaries Association, Delta Nu Alpha , American Trucking Association, etc.  A list of events are typically listed on the website under the Calendar tab “Current Year”.  A Certified Member can opt to re-take the CCP Exam every 3 years in lieu of earning the additional continuing education credits.

ProClaim Fall Winter 2020 2021 Edition

ProClaim Fall Winter 2020 2021 Edition  Click on the link to view your complementary edition.   

CCPAC Continuing Education Credits 2020 & 2021

Read Important Amended Requirement Information Below About Keeping Certification Current During 2020 and 2021

The  Corona-virus pandemic and restrictions imposed by Federal and State Governments and to protect our members, instructors and proctors we have suspended all CCP Exams and the CCP Primer Class and the T&LC has suspended the Annual Claim Spring Conference for 2020 and 2021.   Normally, Certified Claim Professionals (CCP) are required to earn 30 CE’s every three years to maintain and  keep their certification current and active.  CCP’s will be granted a waiver during 2020 and 2021 only from this requirement of earning  30 CE’s every 3 calendar years so long as the member continues to renew their membership and pay dues for and during the calendar years 2020 and 2021.

If you want to take any refreshers, view the 2020 & 2021 offerings posted below.

Virtual Seminars Offered in 2020

Primus Law Office, P.A

. is pleased to announce the launch of Freight Claims: A Virtual Course. This four hour on-line, on-demand course is a deep dive into the laws and techniques for both pursuing and defending freight claims. The course is designed so that it can be understood by persons new to claims as well as to provide vital information for transportation professionals, attorneys, insurance professionals, and others with a medium or advanced knowledge base. The course is presented by CCPAC member Brent Wm. Primus, a transportation attorney with 47 years of experience. During this time, Brent has worked with shippers in pursuing claims, he has worked with carriers and warehouses in defending claims, and he has worked with brokers in both pursuing and defending claims. The course includes materials that you can download and study at your own pace. These materials include critical statutes, critical regulations, and various other items. You can even make your own course handbook using the materials. The course has been certified for four hours of Continuing CCPAC Education. Upon request, application will be made for Continuing Legal Education credits. CCPAC has made arrangements with Primus Law Office, P.A. so that our organization will receive a portion of the course tuition. To register today all you have to do is click here:


Members – New Job Posting

Members – Can Now See the Latest New Job Posting by Logging Into the Members Area and Click On Job Postings From Sub-menu.

Announcing 3 New CCP’s

The Officers and Board of Directors are pleased to announce that 3 candidates passed the CCP Annual Fall Exam held the first Saturday of each year.  Congratulations to the achievers for becoming the newest Certified Claim Professionals (CCP).                                         

Michael J. Boylan, CCP  –  Echo Global Logistics, Chicago, IL

Holly O’Brien, CCP  –  Armstrong Transport Group, Charleston, NC

Wojtek Wiak, CCP   –  Clearwater, Florida

The next CCP Exam Primer Class and CCP Exam will be held in Orlando, FL, April 26 & 29, 2020, at the Double Tree SeaWorld a Hilton Hotel.  Additional Information and Registration to attend the 1 day exam  review class and to take the CCP Exam in Orlando is now open on this website under the CCPAC Headline News, center page article entitled: “April 26, 2020, CCP Exam Primer Class & CCP Exam – Orlando, FL” 

CCP Primer Class & Exam in Orlando April 26 & 29 Have Been Canceled

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closure of hotels and resorts in the Orlando area the CCP Exam Primer Class and the CCP Exam schedule for April 26 and April 29 in Orlando has been canceled.  We are working on a reschedule date and location in conjunction with the rescheduling of the annual claim conference.  Those who have preregistered and paid to attend the class and exam will be credited forward until the next class and exam.

April 26, 2020 CCP Exam Primer Class & CCP Exam – Orlando, FL

Registration For The CCP Exam Primer Class and the CCP Exam to be held in Orlando, FL April 26, 2020 and April 29, 2020, is now open on-line

The Next CCP Exam Primer Class will be Sunday, April 26, 2020 and the next CCP Exam will be April 29, 2020.  

Click on this link for additional information and on-line registration.






Register for TLC’s Fall Seminars and Earn CCPAC CE’s

Register for TLC’s Fall Seminars and Earn CCPAC CE’s

CCPAC Will Award 6 CEU’s For Each Seminar Attended
  • Minimum of 6 attendees required to run each seminar – please do not book flights until you are notified.
  • Austin, TX seminars book hotel ASAP to avoid not getting a room
You can now register on the TLC Website for any one or all three of these seminars in 3 different cities.  The Transportation & Logistics Councils popular Fall seminars on Freight Claims in Plain English, Contracting for Transportation & Logistics Services & Transportation, Logistics & the Law are back in 3 new locations this year!
Grand Rapids, MI
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq.
Based on the 4th Edition of the text by George Carl Pezold & William J. Augello, which is considered the “bible” on this subject, the session covers basics of carrier liability, bills of lading, burdens of proof, defenses, damages, limitations of liability, time limits, liability of freight forwarders, intermediaries, warehousemen, air and ocean carriers.
Registration includes a copy of “Freight Claims in Plain English 4th Ed. 2 volume soft cover book”
Presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq.
An intensive workshop on the practical and legal aspects of contracting for both purchasers and providers of transportation and logistics services. Includes a review of important legal principles, statutes, regulations and a “walk through” and in-depth discussion of actual contract provisions, terms and conditions.  
Fee for this seminar includes a course manual.
Identifying and Minimizing Legal Risks in the Supply Chain 
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, JD
This one-of-a-kind seminar is intended for the persons actually doing the work to be able to identify and minimize legal and financial risks in their day-to-day responsibilities. The course is designed to provide a basic working knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the supply chain and the relationships between the players — shippers, carriers, and intermediaries. 
Presentation topics will include:
  • Motor Carriers, Brokers, and Suface Freight Forwarders: What is the difference and why does it matter?
  • Update on FMSA – the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Latest on vicarious liability for highway accidents
  • Bills of lading and contracts in a nut shell
  • Cargo insurance and cargo liability insurance
​Detailed agenda may change based on legal and industry developments between now and the time of the seminar.
Registration includes a 190+ page Course Handbook. The course handbook provides vital information you need for protecting revenues for your organization AND for your own individual professional growth.
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