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2021 Event Calendar

2021 Events:

Next CCP Exam & CCP Exam Primer Class                                                                      Coming in Late Spring and Early Summer, 2022 

Great News!  We are currently in the design stage to put the CCP Exam  on-line and available to everyone 24/7.  This means that instead of having only have one or two opportunities per year to take the CCP Exam or attend the CCP Exam  Primer Class, both will soon be available on-line 24/7.  Our programmers are currently working on the design of exam which will be implemented on-line first and then the CCP Exam Primer Class will follow.  Once the programming is completed and the new features are rolled out you will be able to access the CCP Primer Class and/or take the CCP Exam on-line any time, any place, 24/7.  Watch this website for more information.

Due to the Pandemic, the Cargo Claim Annual Spring Conference hosted and sponsored by the Transportation & Logistics Council (T&LC) has been canceled.