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CCP Pledge

The CCP Code of Professional Responsibility

Preamble: A Certified Claims Professional is a person informed by experience and tempered by knowledge of laws and procedures in handling freight claims. The certification of professional status attests to this knowledge and experience, but beyond these attributes the Claims Professional realizes that their work requires attention to the responsibility they owe to their employers, to the people with whom they work, and to the people that may be their temporary adversaries. To that end, let this be a guide to them of the highest level of the responsibilities as this Code has adopted.

I. Loyalty

A Certified Claims Professional shall render to their employer the highest standard of loyalty, keeping all matters coming before them in due course with their work and in the utmost confidence, where requested.

II. Professional Competence

A Certified Claims Professional shall continuously strive to increase their knowledge and competence in the freight claims management field.

III. Continuing Education

A Certified Claims Professional is encouraged to give of their time and energy to increase knowledge in freight claims management to their colleagues. They are further encouraged to respond when asked to teach, lecture and write about this field.

IV. Conduct

A Certified Claims Professional shall conduct themselves with integrity. They shall avoid false or evasive statements, either oral or written, and shall deal fairly with their employer and their colleagues.

V. Claim Settlement Standards

A Certified Claims Professional shall conduct their daily work, whether preparing and filing claims, or reviewing and settling claims, with an eye to the facts of record, and shall base their decisions on those facts as applied to the law. They shall neither bow to intimidation or duress nor be swayed by friendship or persuasion. They shall be ruled by fair-minded consistency as long as the facts known to them are known by them to be true.

VI. Adherence To Corollary Codes Or Canons

Adherence to codes or canons of ethics of professional responsibility adopted for members of other professions such as attorneys, accountants, engineers and the like shall be equivalent to adherence to this Code of Professional Responsibility except as this Code addresses specialized training or more stringent responsibilities covered by other codes or canons.

VII. Adoption by the Certified Claims Professional

A Certified Claims Professional shall agree to be governed by this Code of Professional Responsibility when they accept certification and knows that violation or breach of this Code will result in decertification. Decertification will be in accordance with the By-Laws of the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc., as from time to time in force or as amended.

VIII. Application of this Code

This Code shall be applicable to the conduct of all persons certified by this Council, as well as to all non-certified persons who are members of the Council, of the Board of Directors, of the Officers, of Council Committees or who serve as Official Proctors of CCPAC examinations.

Adopted on May 16, 1982, and amended on September 22, 1984.