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Why Become Certified

Serious About Your Career?

CCP Acknowledged as the Cargo Claim Professions Highest Recognition

Whether you’re negotiating with new prospective clients or seeking a new career with a Fortune 500 company, it is increasingly important that you have the right credentials. It does not matter whether you are a claim adjuster, consultant, shipper, insurer, attorney, paralegal, logistics provider or an air, ocean, rail or truck carrier.

As a Cargo Claim Professional, you know the importance of winning the confidence of others both within your organization and with that of your customers and vendors. Achieving the “CCP” accreditation builds trust and credibility by providing evidence of your professional competence and conformance to high industry standards.

Something so central to your identity as your career is what makes you who you are. It is all about credibility and leadership. It is all about proven expertise and possessing up-to-date knowledge. And as an indicator of your qualifications in cargo claims management, the Certified Claims Professional “CCP” designation has set the standard for more than 40 years.

CCP” is a highly valued and sought-after credential because it identifies those who have demonstrated the depth of their expertise and mastered a fundamental body of knowledge of the subject. Earning board certification as a “CCP” reflects a practitioner’s commitment and validates your status as a professional in cargo claims management for the transportation industry. Practitioners who have earned board certification in cargo claims management are leaders in the profession.

A CCP‘s high professional standards require that practitioners successfully complete a comprehensive examination, as well as provide proof of previous education, work experience, and pledge to maintain their accreditation through continuing education.

The CCP certification lays a foundation for continued professional growth and is evidence that a practitioner is at the forefront of best practices in the industry.

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