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2024 Live CCP Primer Class & Live CCP Exam, Charleston, SC

Registration Is Now Open

Register on this website to attend the Sunday Live CCP Exam Primer Class and/or the Live CCP Exam on Wednesday by scrolling down this page.

FEES & REGISTRATION must be received by CCPAC on or before March 8, 2024.
Fees & registrations must be received no later than March 8, 2024.  
Note:  CCPAC does not accept liability for late mail delivery.



The CCP Exam Primer Class offers a dynamic, comprehensive full-day review designed to assist you in pinpointing areas of the exam that may require additional focus. The class content is strategically crafted to enhance your understanding and improve your chances of success in the exam. It’s important to note that while the class provides valuable insights, CCPAC does not guarantee exam success solely through class attendance. It is crucial to complement the class experience with dedicated study of the reference text, “Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition,” and active participation in study groups.

  • The class will be held at The Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King Street, Charleston, SC. 
  • The class will begin Sunday morning promptly at 8:00 AM/ET and conclude around 5:00 PM/ET.
  • The fee for the CCP Exam Primer Class is $725 for all applicants.
  • A continental breakfast, lunch, and AM and PM beverage breaks are included in the fee.
  • Attendees must preregister and be pre-approved by CCPAC to attend.
  • T&LC and Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity Members qualify for the CCPAC Member Rate when purchasing the CCP Exam Primer Class and/or the CCP Exam.



Member Pricing


Non-Member Pricing



  • Once you complete the form, scan it and email it back to [email protected] along with all supporting documentation, including a resume of work history involving cargo claim handling and transcripts or certificates if claiming any additional points in the areas of education or seminars attended.
  • A MINIMUM OF 100 POINTS is required to take the Class and/or the Exam.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 25 of the 100 qualifying points from acutely handling cargo claims.
  • Once your application has been received, accepted, and approved by CCPAC, you will be notified to download and complete the online CCP Exam Application and pay the exam fee.  


CCP Primer & CCP Exam In-Person Agenda 

Sunday, March 17, 2024:

  • 1-Day Live CCP Exam Primer Class: Intensive review of exam content, helping you identify areas for further study.
  • Class runs 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET at The Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, SC.
  • Continental breakfast, lunch, and breaks included for class attendees.
  • Pre-registration and CCPAC approval required. Minimum 100 qualifying points, with 25 points from handling cargo claims.
  • $725 for all applicants.
  • Punctuality Sunday morning is essential, as there are no hand-out materials for this class, and topics discussed will not be repeated for late-comers.


Wednesday, March 20, 2024:

  • 3-Hour Live CCP Exam: 150 true/false and multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam held 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM ET at The Francis Marion Hotel
  • Average completion time is 1.5 hours, but 3 hours allowed.
  • $725 for all applicants.


Combined Class & Exam:

  • $1,425 for all applicants.
  • Highly recommended for increased pass rate.
  • Study groups encouraged during the week.
  • Additional Information:


You can register for the CCP Exam only and not take the CCP Primer Class. However, stats have shown that those who took the CCP Primer Class on Sunday and then joined in with other attendees to form study groups during the days before taking the CCP Exam on Wednesday have a higher pass-rate on the exam than those who do not attend the class. It is highly recommended that you register quickly to attend both the CCP Exam Primer Class & the CCP Exam before they fill up. If you opt to register online but pay later by check, be sure to indicate so on the registration form below by clicking on “pay later.” Checks must be received by CCPAC no later than February 2, 2024, or the applicant may have to pay a late fee of $75 or wait until next year to attend a live class or live exam and likely in a different city and state.


The reference text for the exam is “Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition.” If you do not own a copy of this two-volume text, you can purchase the soft-bound printed textbook version. Order on this CCPAC website at the Book Store under the Resources tab, or you can order on the same form when you purchase the live Class or Exam or both the Class and Exam.

NOTE: The cost of the book is not included in the CCP Exam Primer Class fee nor the CCP Exam fee. Participants in the class are encouraged to bring Volume 1 with them for reference and additional study purposes during the study groups. No text books, notes, etc. will be allowed on Exam Day.

IMPORTANT: Use the online registration and payment below only for the CCP Exam Primer Class and/or the CCP Exam or both the Class and the Exam. Complete all required sections of the registration and shipping sections even though nothing will be shipped.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Billing Section contains the address and phone number that the credit card issuer has on file for the credit card you are using. Select the Option and Add to the cart. Complete the Captcha Security Feature before submitting. If you do not receive confirmation, then one of the fields in the registration is missing information.

If you are also ordering Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition, be sure to check the quantity in the cart and update to avoid an overcharge. Review the cart, as you may need to edit it to reflect the single option you choose.


Transportation & Logistics Council’s Annual Cargo Claim

During the same week, the Transportation & Logistics Council will hold its Annual Cargo Claim 2 1/2-day conference that begins on Monday, March 18, 2024, and continues through a half day on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Applicants who register for both the TLC Annual Cargo Claim and the CCP Wednesday Exam will be able to attend both event. You must preregister and pay the conference fee to attend the conference on the TLC website.

Please note, registering to attend the 2 1/2-day 50th Annual Claim Conference is separate and in addition to registration and fees for the Live CCP Exam Primer Class and Live CCP Exam, as each is on separate websites.

 Please Note,  If you plan to attend the CCP Exam Primer Class on Sunday, do not register for any of the T&LC optional Sunday classes as the CCP Exam Primer Class runs at the same time.


Hotel Information

The Francis Marion Hotel is located at 387 King Street, Charleston, SC.

If you are planning on attending the Sunday CCP Exam Primer Class, you will need to book your stay for Saturday night as the class begins promptly Sunday morning, March 17, 2024, at 8:00 AM ET.

Your hotel reservations cannot be made through this website. Hotel reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly at Tel: (843) 722-0600 or visiting The Francis Marion Hotel website and make sure you mention Transportation & Logistics Council (TLC) group to get the discounted room rate. This rate is guaranteed until the group block is sold out.

FEES & REGISTRATION must be received by CCPAC on or before March 8, 2024.
Fees & registrations must be received no later than March 8, 2024.  
Note:  CCPAC does not accept liability for late mail delivery.

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