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Professional Responsibility Code

CCP Exam Reference & Study Guide

  •  The CCP Exam for 2021 is based on the content of the published text Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition.  If you do not have this text you can purchase it from the Book Store on this website.

CCP Exam Application

Please Read the Certification Process Below before purchasing the CCP Exam.


Applicants desiring to take the CCP Exam and earn certification as a Certified Claim Professional (CCP) will need to complete a series of steps in the order as listed below:

1) Click on this link to Create an On-Line Account.

2) After completing and On-Line Account, Click on this link and complete the On-Line CCP Exam Application.

3) After submitting your completed Application, wait for the Exam Administrator to Approve your Application.  

4) When your On-Line CCP Exam Application has been Approved by the Administrator your account will show “Approved”

5) Once your On-Line CCP Exam Application has been Approved, you can then click on the link appearing on the web page to purchase the On-Line CCP Exam. The CCP Exam Fee is $575.00 USD. Major credit cards accepted are: American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Those paying by check can do so via an ACH payment via account transfer.  If you are paying with a paper check by mail, your application will not be approved until CCPAC has received your payment at its Jacksonville, FL headquarters.

 6) IMPORTANT NOTE:  The CCP Exam is a timed (3-Hour) exam.  Once you open the exam you must be prepared to finish it as you will not be able to close it and then come back later to finish it. A clock displaying the time remaining will be accessible during the time you are taking the exam. Once the 3-hour time has expired the exam will be locked. As a gauge, history has shown us that those who have prepared well for the exam, the average time to complete it is 1 1/2 hours. If you finish the exam before the clock expires, you will be able to go back over and review your answers during the remaining time. Once you click on the Submit button at the end of the exam, the exam will be locked and it will not be available for review or editing.

7) The exam is a PASS or FAIL exam.  If you answer at least 105 or the 150 questions correctly you will pass the exam and will be able to download and print your CCP Certificate.  You will also have the option to purchase a Deluxe CCPAC Seal Embossed Certificate, suitable for framing, that will be mailed to you.  If you do not pass the exam, there is an option to retake the exam at a discounted rate.   The CCP Exam Retake Fee is $287.50.  The retake of the CCP Exam must be completed within the same year the applicant did not successfully pass the exam.