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November 4, 2017

Register and pay now on-line with a major credit card or register now and opt to pay later with a check by mail for the Annual Certified Claim Professional (CCP) Exam. The exam will be conducted nationwide in a city near where you work or live on Saturday morning, November 4, 2017. The exam will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and conclude at 12 Noon in your respective time zone.  3 hours are allotted to complete the exam.  The CCP Exam Fee is $275.00.  There will be no CCP Primer Class prior to the November 4 exam as preparation for this exam is self-study.

In addition to registering on-line now, you must also complete the CCP Exam Application and Calculation of Points Forms CLICK HERE to download and print the forms. The deadline for applications and supporting documentation must be received by CCPAC no later than October 1, 2017. Submissions received after September 15th must include a $35 late fee with payment. Any submissions received after October 1st may be held until the following year as determined by the CCPAC Exam Committee.  Applicants can mail or scan and email their application and submission to CCPAC but in any event you must register on-line.  Email submissions must be sent to [email protected]

Mailed submissions and checks payable to CCPAC, Inc. must be addressed to:

Exam Committee
P O Box 550922
Jacksonville, FL 32255-0922

Important, Completing the CCP Exam Application & Calculation of Points Form (see above link) and Mailing Job Resume and College Transcripts, if Using Education Points to Apply,  Is In Addition To Registering For the Exam On-line.

The reference text for this year’s Exam is Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition. The Registration Fee for the CCP Exam includes one year membership in CCPAC. Initially your membership will be that of an “Associate” Member and once you successfully pass the exam, your membership will be upgraded to “Certified”. As an Associate or Certified Member you can purchase the text for this exam or other related text books and CD’s at a discounted rate once you log into the CCPAC Secure Members Area Book Store on the website . You must make your selection from the Book Store while logged into the Member’s Section to get the discount. CCP Exam Applicants are encouraged to purchase and review Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition as the CCP Exam is very comprehensive. CCP Exam Applicants in close proximity to other applicants taking the exam are encouraged to form study groups in your area to further help prepare for the Exam.

Use the Cart below to begin the on-line registration and payment with a major credit card or register now and opt to pay later by check. The Exam Fee is $275.00. If you are re-taking the exam or if you registered and paid for the exam but did not show and it has been within one year since you last took the exam or applied, the fee is $150.

Once your application and payment has been received and approved by the CCPAC Exam Committee, you will be sent information about your qualification to sit for the exam.  Complete Information about the exam location in your area will be sent to you after registration closes October 1st. No refunds are made once an application has been accepted and approved by CCPAC.

Notice:  Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc. (CCPAC), nor any of its representatives, officers, directors, agents are not responsible for any exam application, supporting documents and/or fees received late by CCPAC as a result of late mail deliveries or undelivered email submissions or such addressed incorrectly by the sender.  Applying and taking the CCP exam does not automatically provide the applicant a Certified Claim Professional (CCP) designation.  Applicants must provide evidence they are qualified to sit for the exam, be approved by the CCPAC Exam Committee and obtain a passing score of 70 or greater on the exam.  In the event an applicant does not obtain a passing score on the exam, they can retake the exam within one year.  The fee to re-take the exam within one year of the initial exam date is $150.  Applicants who do not obtain a passing score and who do not retake the exam within one year period must re-apply and pay the full exam fee of $275.
WAIVER AND RELEASE. As the applicant, on my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, for an in consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Annual CCP Exam (Event) sponsored and/or organized by the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc. (CCPAC), and their representatives, officers, directors, agents (herein called “Released Parties”) RELEASE same from any and all claims and demands, rights and causes of action of any kind Whatsoever which I now have or later might have, if any, resulting from, or arising out of, or in any connection with my participation in the Event and while attending and participating in the Event. This RELEASE extends to any and all claims I may have against Released Parties whether such claims result From negligence on the part of any participant and all Released Parties for any injuries Resulting to my property or myself during or in connection with the Event. ASSUMPTION OF RISK. I fully understand the risks and dangers inherent in participating in this type of Event and I expressly AGREE TO ASSUME THE ENTIRE RISK of any accidents or personal injury, including possible death, which I may suffer as a result of attending the Event, participating in the Event, or observing others at the Event whether such risk results from negligence on the part of the a participant or any of the Released Parties. BY SUBMITTING MY REGISTRATION TO THIS EVENT, WHETHER BY ELECTRONIC MEANS, MAIL, OR IN PERSON, THE MERE ACT OF DOING SO CONSTITUTES MY FULL SIGNATURE, PER F.S. 668.004, AND THAT I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ AND FULL UNDERSTAND THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER, AND THAT I AM NOT RELYING ON ANY STATEMENT OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY RELEASED PARTY.

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