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CCPAC Continuing Education Credits 2020 & 2021

Posted April 13, 1999

Read Important Amended Requirement Information Below About Keeping Certification Current During 2020 and 2021

The  Corona-virus pandemic and restrictions imposed by Federal and State Governments and to protect our members, instructors and proctors we have suspended all CCP Exams and the CCP Primer Class and the T&LC has suspended the Annual Claim Spring Conference for 2020 and 2021.   Normally, Certified Claim Professionals (CCP) are required to earn 30 CE’s every three years to maintain and  keep their certification current and active.  CCP’s will be granted a waiver during 2020 and 2021 only from this requirement of earning  30 CE’s every 3 calendar years so long as the member continues to renew their membership and pay dues for and during the calendar years 2020 and 2021.

If you want to take any refreshers, view the 2020 & 2021 offerings posted below.

Virtual Seminars Offered in 2020

Primus Law Office, P.A

. is pleased to announce the launch of Freight Claims: A Virtual Course. This four hour on-line, on-demand course is a deep dive into the laws and techniques for both pursuing and defending freight claims. The course is designed so that it can be understood by persons new to claims as well as to provide vital information for transportation professionals, attorneys, insurance professionals, and others with a medium or advanced knowledge base. The course is presented by CCPAC member Brent Wm. Primus, a transportation attorney with 47 years of experience. During this time, Brent has worked with shippers in pursuing claims, he has worked with carriers and warehouses in defending claims, and he has worked with brokers in both pursuing and defending claims. The course includes materials that you can download and study at your own pace. These materials include critical statutes, critical regulations, and various other items. You can even make your own course handbook using the materials. The course has been certified for four hours of Continuing CCPAC Education. Upon request, application will be made for Continuing Legal Education credits. CCPAC has made arrangements with Primus Law Office, P.A. so that our organization will receive a portion of the course tuition. To register today all you have to do is click here: