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9 Nationally Pass Rigorous Certification Exam

Posted December 27, 2016


-PRESS RELEASE,  Wednesday, December 14, 2016-

9 Nationally Pass Rigorous Certification Exam –
Jacksonville, FL
                  The Officers and Board of Directors of the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc. (CCPAC) are pleased to announce and congratulate the newest  Certified Claims Professionals (CCP’s) who have demonstrated through experience, education, and written examination a thorough knowledge of the rules, regulations, principles and practices of cargo claims administration and who have pledged to uphold the highest ethical standards and have successfully passed the CCP Exam given in nationally, November 5, 2016:

Newest Certified Claim Professionals (CCP) Members are:   

Krys Crawford, CCP    
XPO Logistics    
Gainesville, GA

Jason Edgar, CCP    
American Hotel Register    
Vernon Hills, IL

Pamela Leever, CCP    
Allyn International    
Fort Meyers, FL

Colleen McLain, CCP    
DLS Worldwide    
Roselle,  IL

James Mueller, CCP    
Roanoke Claim Services
Schaumberg,  IL

Heather Niceley, CCP    
Audit Logistics    
Louisville, CO

Jacob Schrader, CCP    
PartnerShip LLC    
Westlake, OH

Chelsea Stacy, CCP    
Total Quality Logistics    
Milford, OH

Jennifer Thompson, CCP    
Total Quality Logistics    
Cincinnati, OH
                      Established in 1981, CCPAC is a nonprofit organization with an international membership comprised of manufacturers, shippers, freight forwarders, brokers, logistics, insurance, law firms and transportation carriers including air, ocean, truck and rail. CCPAC seeks to raise the professional standards of individuals who specialize in the administration and negotiation of cargo claims. Specifically, it seeks to give recognition to those who have acquired the necessary degree of experience, education, expertise and who successfully pass the CCP Certification Exam covering domestic and international cargo liability to warrant acknowledgment of their professional stature.   Inquires

The next  CCP exam will be given in Henderson, NV  March 22, 2017.  A CCP Exam Primer Class will be conducted on March 19, 2017 in Henderson prior to the exam.  Information and registration for the Class and the Exam are now on the website.

ACCREDITATION COUNCIL, INC.                                                                                                                            Jacksonville, FL
John O’Dell, ACA, CCA, CCP
Executive Director

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